I’ve witnessed the damage caused by aggressive approaches to leading change

There is a better way


If you care about your own well-being and that of others


If you want to understand better your impact and how to adapt that


If you are looking to develop your personal capacity for, or ability to create, change

I can help

How I help


I specialise in helping Leaders and teams turnaround hopeless situations. If you see a cliff edge in front of you or are stuck in a change or transition, I can help. I offer a confidential, 121 or 1 to team relationship to help you identify and move past unproductive patterns and increase your strengths.

Six-week Leadership Development Programme

For Leaders and Managers looking to increase their capacity for, and ability to deliver, change. I run a fully online, six-week development experience where you will learn through a mix of facilitated sessions, self-paced content, collaboration with peers and 121 coaching.

Organisational Design & Development

If you are looking for support or consultancy on a broader scale, involving multiple teams, divisions or whole organisations, this route is for you. Change, culture, motivation, and belonging are all focus areas that I impact well across organisations.

My Approach

Before we talk about me, pause for a second and look around you. Every person you see is doing the best they can with what they have. And, so are you.
Kindness for others starts with compassion for yourself. Bringing yourself and others through change is best done when this is the beginning.
Command and control, aggressive or top-down approaches to change and transformation often fail because they provoke adverse reactions in the very people that you need to buy into them.
Slow down. Appreciate yourself and others. Find a way to work with your system, not against it.

“ Andy’s combination of broad knowledge in the HR field (and on many other topics) to a passion for building new structure where there is none made him exceptionally useful. Andy is also a proactive thinker with a very dynamic mindset when it comes to organizational design. And he is good at identifying and defining solutions as well as a highly skilled facilitator, which made him very appreciated as an advisor.”

CEO, Global Consultancy

“Andy is a great guy to have on or leading your team. He combines creative thinking, and insight from a wide array of reference points, to his work and contribution, something I've very much valued.”

Founder & CEO, Global Consultancy

“Andy is an excellent Executive Coach who I worked with for 14 months. He has brilliant listening skills and a superb memory, making each coaching session focused and productive. His senior leadership work experience allows him to understand better the needs and challenges of Directorial roles. I have already recommended Andy to a fellow charity CEO colleague and would do so again.”

CEO, UK-based Charity

“Andy is a great guy to have on or leading your team. He combines creative thinking, and insight from a wide array of reference points, to his work and contribution, something I've very much valued.”

Leadership Development Lead, Global Financial Services

“Andy excels as an organisational development consultant and executive coach and combines his long list of professional qualifications with his experience in multiple sectors to deliver practical, clear solutions for his clients. Andy makes sense of complex situations, takes a collaborative approach to working, engages people well and delivers high quality work at pace.”

Head of Talent, UK-based

“Andy has a well-developed ability to really listen to what you are saying and through that, draw out themes to explore or challenge. I found myself opening up more and more the longer we worked together and my time with Andy was pivotal in helping me overcome something that was holding me back and progress in my career.”

Site Lead, UK-based Manufacturing company

Want to find out more about leading change?

This eBook is an opportunity to access the practical know-how I have built up over two decades of leading teams through turbulent times. I link all of this with the psychological training and experience of a qualified Therapist, Executive Coach and Organisational Development Consultant.
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