I combine the business and leadership experience of a Global HR Director with the psychological knowhow of an executive Coach and Therapist.

I have led change in more than 20 countries across four continents. I have steered international mergers; rolled out behaviour and culture change programmes; redesigned roles, teams and whole organisations and launched new products and services. I’ve increased performance and capability in multiple organisations. I’ve developed Leaders and their teams to increase their effectiveness and improve bottom-line metrics in their organisations.

Over this time, I have witnessed the damage that can be caused by aggressive approaches to change, and have concluded that there is a better way. The start is compassion. Compassion for ourselves, for others, for the organisations we’re part of. And this can be done without sacrificing the pace or agility needed to navigate in todays working world.

I’m fascinated by people and the systems we create. How we get stuck and what holds us in place. How we move past that and become adaptable again. Change, culture, motivation, belonging are all focus areas that I have worked with. Leadership and the development of people and teams is also a significant drive.

My strengths are in my professional background


Internationally Experienced Chief HR Officer


Organisational Development Consultant


Experienced 1-2-1 and Team Coach


Qualified Therapist

With more than two decades of experience supporting individuals, teams and whole organisations through change. They are also in my approach, which is heavily grounded in Gestalt psychology and is curious, compassionate and challenging all at the same time.

Calm, professional and competent on the surface. Playful, adaptable and with a tendency to run towards fires rather than away from them underneath. I’m tougher than I look, tenacious and well able to support those I work with through difficult transitions and changes, no matter their scale or complexity.

“ Andy’s combination of broad knowledge in the HR field (and on many other topics) to a passion for building new structure where there is none made him exceptionally useful. Andy is also a proactive thinker with a very dynamic mindset when it comes to organizational design. And he is good at identifying and defining solutions as well as a highly skilled facilitator, which made him very appreciated as an advisor.”

CEO, Global Consultancy

“Andy is a great guy to have on or leading your team. He combines creative thinking, and insight from a wide array of reference points, to his work and contribution, something I've very much valued.”

Founder & CEO, Global Consultancy

“Andy is an excellent Executive Coach who I worked with for 14 months. He has brilliant listening skills and a superb memory, making each coaching session focused and productive. His senior leadership work experience allows him to understand better the needs and challenges of Directorial roles. I have already recommended Andy to a fellow charity CEO colleague and would do so again.”

CEO, UK-based Charity

“Andy is a great guy to have on or leading your team. He combines creative thinking, and insight from a wide array of reference points, to his work and contribution, something I've very much valued.”

Leadership Development Lead, Global Financial Services

“Andy excels as an organisational development consultant and executive coach and combines his long list of professional qualifications with his experience in multiple sectors to deliver practical, clear solutions for his clients. Andy makes sense of complex situations, takes a collaborative approach to working, engages people well and delivers high quality work at pace.”

Head of Talent, UK-based

“Andy has a well-developed ability to really listen to what you are saying and through that, draw out themes to explore or challenge. I found myself opening up more and more the longer we worked together and my time with Andy was pivotal in helping me overcome something that was holding me back and progress in my career.”

Site Lead, UK-based Manufacturing company