Defining behaviours to build culture in a not for profit organisation


A not for profit organisation with a rich and long history needed to help engage their people in defining behaviours to build their culture to maintain their position as a leader in their field. They had a new strategy for the next five years and needed to develop a greater understanding of how they should deliver what they needed to do. They wanted every member of their organisation to be engaged in this process and to be part of the solution in addition to any change that came building on their already successful culture.


We started with focus groups and depth interviews held with individuals from right across their organisation to understand what their established values meant for them at an individual level. Following this we then drew up a new Behaviour Framework and aligned the output with performance management, recruitment, talent and other organisational processes to help build sustainability into the change we were proposing.

In order to engage the organisation in the work we were doing, we then designed and facilitated group experiential sessions (starting with the Executive Team) to gain buy in and enable all to experience working with a new way of behaving. Our aim in this was to allow everyone involved to reach their own accommodation with the change before the performance management roll out.


Much greater recognition of their values with a stronger sense of the behaviours that supported them. New approaches to recruitment, performance management, talent development and employee engagement and recognition. A greater sense of shared purpose and a reduction in silo-thinking across the whole organisation.