Embedding a new culture of engagement and innovation to retain existing business for a publishing company


A team within a larger business services company was faced with losing a contract for a due to lack of innovation. Although this could result in the loss of 30 jobs, there was little appetite for change amongst the largely disengaged and risk-averse production team.


We spent time with each member of the team to understand what was driving this behaviour and designed a series of engagement events (one or two a month over a year), with leadership buy-in, to encourage a different way of working. Our role as facilitators in the process was supportive yet challenging and we coached the management team to lead in this new environment.

Our approach used the risk-averse nature of the team as a galvanising force and encouraged them to bring their out-of-work personalities into the work place.


Through tackling the difficult and emotional side of the change that was needed and giving everyone personal responsibility for embracing that change, we dismantled the barriers that had restrained creativity and engagement. We supported the team in dealing with some long-standing issues that had interfered with their ability to work together, so increasing their engagement and reducing conflict in the process.

This resulted in retention of the contract.