Engaging leaders to drive change


As part of a wider programme of work within a medium sized public sector body there was a need to engage senior leaders in coming together to drive a complex programme of work. The population consisted of 12 individuals who were each responsible for large parts of the organisation that was affected. The brief was to understand where each of them was in terms of buy in to the overall strategy and then to facilitate an increase in engagement across the group that would then result in them sharing a stronger vision with their teams.


We started by speaking to everyone involved in a series of confidential depth interviews that helped us to establish the field of data we were working with. The results from this were then distilled down into a series of themes that we used to design an event where we brought the whole team together.

During the event the team were given the opportunity to look broadly across the strategy and work required in the coming months in order to drive the current programme of activity and what they each had to do to play their part. They were then encouraged to take personal responsibility for areas that they were drawn to, in other words we allowed the group to decide for itself the way forward through working with the energy in the room.


The result was a series of interconnected workstreams led by motivated members of the leadership team that added huge value to the transformation programme running through the organisation. Increased communication between team members and a more strongly shared sense of purpose in the work they were delivering with their teams were also reported.