EVP development and deployment for a mental health charity


A London-based mental health charity had secured funding to grow its services but was not set up to handle the volume of recruitment involved and did not know how to articulate what they stood for as an employer. As a result a wide variety of unsuitable candidates applied for positions; wasting time, resources and creating a negative experience.


We started with in-depth interviews and focus groups to understand their offering as an employer and what set them apart. This formed their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and it was bench-tested against other similar organisations. We worked with a creative team to turn the positioning into a set of designs and fresh copy that were applied to their website, internal briefing packs for managers to use when communicating with candidates and external marketing materials.

We also used the results of the initial research to recommend relevant media titles in which to advertise to better target their audience.


We reduced the overall number of applications received by 26% and the conversion rate of these applications to first interview went from 1 in 20 to 1 in 10. This freed up considerable time for the managers involved in the hiring process.

In addition, overall spend on recruitment advertising was reduced by 35% in the second wave of attraction.