Helping a financial services company engage its staff to support internal change


A global financial services company had grown through acquisition and as a result had a highly divisional structure. Post-crash, they wanted to refocus their business on the customer and to maintain and build staff engagement levels through a period of fast-paced and long-term change.


We used focus groups and in-depth interviews to understand the articulated and unarticulated aspects of their culture. The results were combined to create a set of four values that characterised the company when operating at its best and a new code of conduct and decision-making framework that senior management bought into and agreed to disseminate through the organisation.

Next, we did three things:

Worked with their internal comms department to build a campaign to spread the message across the business
Built a leader-led engagement strategy. We designed and ran face-to-face engagement sessions with senior managers and equipped them to do the same with their teams.
We recruited and trained a pool of internal facilitators to run engagement events in the new style and made these available to leaders to support engagement of their own teams.
We used the existing staff survey to gauge the effectiveness of the project.


Within six weeks of launch, we achieved 90% awareness of the new values globally and employee engagement had risen. The staff survey showed that those who had been involved in face-to-face engagement with a leader were now significantly more engaged with the bank as an employer and with the future direction for the business.