Defining an approach to leadership at all levels



Today, leaders in organisations need to be globally aware, innovative, experienced in the business, and ready to make decisions quickly and with rigour. Our brief was to help a global organisation build a definition of what leadership at all levels meant for them. Our approach needed to build for the future and to get to grips with what it will mean to be a leader in an organisation spanning more than 60 countries and employing around 1,200 in 2020, and beyond.


We built an approach that helped us to understand how this client needed to develop their people, delivering a high level of focus on their continued growth and progression. In doing this we drew on current best practice in a way that delivered a Leadership Capability Framework that was unique to them and designed to integrate their cultural journey with their strategic objectives.

We started by designing experiential sessions that we ran with 60 of their people (drawn from right across their organisation) in a series of focus groups. The data from these groups was collated and analysed before a session with their leadership population (a further 120 individuals) was designed to complement the outputs.

This approach to co-creation and engagement of the whole organisation in what it meant to display leadership, now and in the future, added hugely to the business-relevance of our approach. Once this data was fully gathered we then facilitated working sessions with the client where we ran through affinity mapping and forced ranking exercises to drill down to the areas of focus that would deliver the strongest results for their unique situation.


The resulting work was translated into adaptations to their leadership development  and broader L&D strategy, aligning both with the new framework. Measures were put in place and key questions in the employee engagement survey will be used to track impact across the business (end 2016).