Researching external talent for a heritage organisation


Our client was a heritage organisation with multiple sites across the UK. They were well known in a very niche area that they specialised in but had virtually no reputation as an employer outside of that. Their requirements in terms of talent pipeline for their business were more frequently dictating that they had an ability to drawn on specialist expertise outside of their normal area of work and their lack of presence in or understanding of markets other than their main one was vastly hindering their results.

The Solution

Our solution was to work with the organisation to understand exactly who they were needing to raise awareness of themselves as an employer with and to then run a desk research piece to understand where these people were and what their current terms of employment were. Once all of this data was in place then we ran a series of focus groups with individuals external to the client’s organisation to understand what, if any, impression they had of them.

All of this information was then compiled into a detailed series of recommendations that were used to construct a new employer brand positioning for the organisation. This was then project managed through to completion and all internal and external employee communications brought into line with the resulting work.

The Result

The client’s data showed that they were increasingly able to compete for talent that had previously been unavailable to them. In working with their marketing agency the research and planning we put in place turned into a fresh creative approach that better targeted the candidates they were aiming at.