Executive coaching

A unified and strategic approach to executive coaching helps reinvigorate your leadership and uncover underused skills.

I take time to understand the business challenges you and your team must respond to and build my coaching around these requirements. Using a combination of relational, psychological and systemic coaching methods, I’ll help you unearth your strengths and use them to their full advantage, see where you may be holding yourself back and map the way forward.


My executive coaching experience covers a range of industries and scenarios, but always has a positive impact on outcomes.

  • Leadership, conflict and influence style and approach
  • Stakeholder relationship and management
  • Team management and leadership
  • Step up to leadership
  • Career transition
  • Performance
  • Organisational change


I also help teams reach their full potential at every level of organisational life, from call centres to board, and across geographies. Team development may cover any of the following:

  • Aligning team and organisation’s strategy
  • Improved relationships
  • Greater commitment to a common purpose
  • Streamlining of operations
  • Better cohesiveness and morale
  • Better use of individual strengths
  • Increased understanding of individual differences and how to leverage them.

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