Hogan psychometric assessments

Hogan Psychometric Assessments are regarded as one of the most thoroughly-researched and proven ability and personality tools available.

I use Hogan Psychometric Assessments because I’ve found them to be the most powerful and flexible on the market. Designed specifically for commercial environments, they are used in executive-level development to identifying high potential individuals and their assessment tools generate meaningful information on a series of crucial factors:

  • Employee job fit
  • Career derailment risks
  • Individual and team cultural alignments to an organisation and the working climate they will create
  • Core value and motivation drivers aimed at fostering satisfaction and engagement.

Team Report

Hogan Psychometric Assessments aren’t simply for use with individuals. The Hogan Team Report, for example, identifies the mix of psychological roles adopted by participants in a team, pinpointing critical dynamic influences such as shared derailers. It also shows how shared values affect performance and any potential fracture lines within a team, setting out corrective measures to maximise performance.

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