Change Leadership Development Programme

Have you noticed these things happening in your team or organisation?

Low engagement or motivation, increased conflict or loss of momentum


Active or passive resistance to change


A lot is happening at once, and people are losing their sense of direction and purpose


The need for change is seen at senior levels, but others disagree


There is a loss of connection between people or teams

 If you have, then this programme is for you!

Packed with psychological know-how and practical advice, this is an opportunity to develop yourself and look at how you lead others in a way that works for your unique setting.

Upskill your leadership in 2021

The ability to navigate change and bring others along is a leadership skill that can set you apart.

The benefit of getting this right is an increased ability to collaborate with others, lead change of all types, bring people along with you, and improve engagement in your team or wider organisation.

This will help you feel more confident when leading others through change and transitions and reduce any anxiety or stress you are carrying.

Invest in yourself and your future. Learn with peers in a collaborative, online programme that includes 2 hours of 1-2-1 coaching to ensure you make the most of the learning you receive.


Changing Leaves

My Six week programme will give you


Increased awareness of yourself and your leadership style


Deeper understanding of how to collaborate and cocreate change with other people

Increased ability to influence other people to change how they do what they do (create the conditions for successful behaviour change)

Know how to do all of this within your current organisation

And all this learning is delivered in a collaborative learning environment where you move through content with peers, learning from each other as we go.

What does it cost

Join my Six Week Programme


£1,950 + VAT per person

For up to 5 people on a single booking and then on a sliding scale with numbers from there on. Click Join Now to book 30 min in my diary to discuss the programme and how it could help you.

I believe that how we relate to other people matters.

I have witnessed first-hand the damage that can be caused by aggressive approaches to leading change and have concluded that there is a better way. It starts with compassion – for ourselves, for others, for the organisations we’re part of. I say this having led change in more than 20 countries across four continents.

I’ve steered international mergers; rolled out behaviour and culture change programmes; redesigned roles, teams and whole organisations and launched new products and services. I’ve increased performance and capability in multiple organisations, developed Leaders and their teams to increase their effectiveness and improve bottom-line metrics in their organisations.

Much of that has involved helping people and organisations to understand that ‘driving’ and ‘landing’ change is not enough. And that attention paid to how we support ourselves, our teams and our wider organisations to transition along with changes we create is never wasted.

Andy Brett

What’s included

Those attending this programme will receive:

Access to a secure online system to meet with others on the same programme

12 hours of self-paced content across the six weeks

12 hours of facilitated group learning and discussion calls

2 hours of 121 coaching to bed the learning into your leadership style

Who is this for?


Founders or CEOs looking for a way to increase levels of agility within their organisation


Developing leaders progressing their careers (perhaps shifting from being a technical specialist to a leader) and needing to develop their skillset around influencing others


Established leaders who have a change or transformation programme on their hands right now and are looking for some practical guidance on how to deliver it

Aligning Self, Others and System

Nothing exists in isolation

People as individuals are complex enough. Put a group of us together and give us the same stimulus and you’ll get a whole range of different responses.

Building an understanding of how to work with this complexity is an essential component to the success of anyone in a people-focussed role seeking to deliver change.

How we ‘show up’ in the work we do when looking to create change in the organisations we’re part of has a big impact on our success.

Starting with the self and increasing awareness is an essential component to understanding how to influence others.


Change, when done to us, can easily trigger a threat response in those we need to come along with it. This results in resistance and causes those experiencing it to disengage.

Understanding how this mechanism operates and how to work with it (rather than seeing it as something to overcome) increases the ability to collaborate and encourage behaviour change.

Organisations today are complex, interlinked and multi-layered. Working through networks, across cultures or remotely all adds to this. How to work with this cannot simply be read in a book. It needs to be examined and experienced.

Leading change, creating buy in and harnessing the power of stories and narrative all help to provide a golden-thread that systemic change needs to succeed.

A comprehensive introduction to a wide range of topics, with each week building on the last

Emotional Intelligence

We start with examining the role of EQ and the ability to manage one’s self in leading change. All participants receive an EQ assessment against the Hogan framework.

Self Support

We cover an introduction to Positive Psychology, look at circles of control and influence and then discuss resilience and use of support We then move onto personal transitions and the need to move through something yourself before you bring others along.

Psychology of change

We look at Compassionate Leadership, the threat response to change and shifting from anxiety to anticipation. We then explore some of the main reasons why people resist change.

Group dynamics

We look at group decision and influence processes and how to work with them before moving onto empathy and active listening as concepts and practice. Finally, we discuss dialogue, being humble and focusing on questions over answers to co-create and achieve buy in.

Systems Thinking

We look at the role that organisational culture, social networks, power and politics play. Particular attention is placed on cross-cultural environments and impacting organisations remotely.

Sustainable Organisations

We cover what is meant by leader-led change, embodiment, sustainable change and the power of story telling and narrative. We then focus on leading for flexibility and the nature of sustainable organisations and translating the learning from the course into a personal plan around improved change delivery.

All content delivered via a secure, web-based portal, accessible on any device.

  • Content is provided in blocks, with collaborative learning and discussion sessions being held twice weekly to bed in the learning
  • All content hosted online in a secure, password protected portal so learning can take place at a time to suit the individual
  • All materials released to a weekly schedule:
    • Sunday – email/video setting the scene for the week ahead
    • Monday – release content
    • Tuesday – group Zoom call to reflect on content
    • Friday – group Zoom call to go over questions
  • Total contact time across the programme is c. 12 hours content, 12 hours group discussion, 2 hours individual coaching
  • Full tracking and reporting:
    • My Progress – providing attendees with visibility of their progress through the programme
    • Manager’s Zone – providing line managers or HR with visibility of progress where required

“ Andy’s combination of broad knowledge in the HR field (and on many other topics) to a passion for building new structure where there is none made him exceptionally useful. Andy is also a proactive thinker with a very dynamic mindset when it comes to organizational design. And he is good at identifying and defining solutions as well as a highly skilled facilitator, which made him very appreciated as an advisor.”

CEO, Global Consultancy

“Andy is a great guy to have on or leading your team. He combines creative thinking, and insight from a wide array of reference points, to his work and contribution, something I've very much valued.”

Founder & CEO, Global Consultancy

“Andy is an excellent Executive Coach who I worked with for 14 months. He has brilliant listening skills and a superb memory, making each coaching session focused and productive. His senior leadership work experience allows him to understand better the needs and challenges of Directorial roles. I have already recommended Andy to a fellow charity CEO colleague and would do so again.”

CEO, UK-based Charity

“Andy is a great guy to have on or leading your team. He combines creative thinking, and insight from a wide array of reference points, to his work and contribution, something I've very much valued.”

Leadership Development Lead, Global Financial Services

“Andy excels as an organisational development consultant and executive coach and combines his long list of professional qualifications with his experience in multiple sectors to deliver practical, clear solutions for his clients. Andy makes sense of complex situations, takes a collaborative approach to working, engages people well and delivers high quality work at pace.”

Head of Talent, UK-based

“Andy has a well-developed ability to really listen to what you are saying and through that, draw out themes to explore or challenge. I found myself opening up more and more the longer we worked together and my time with Andy was pivotal in helping me overcome something that was holding me back and progress in my career.”

Site Lead, UK-based Manufacturing company

Why Now?

To say that we are in an era of constant disruption and change is to understate the obvious.

Our daily lives, from educating our children, managing our health, and working from home to simple social rituals like dinner with friends, have all undergone a rapid multi-dimensional change. Previous trends — virtualisation of the workspace, online learning, virtual health, and e-commerce — accelerated exponentially. Changes anticipated to take years now occur in months and, in some cases, weeks and even

Understandably, it can be hard to assess the impact of this, both for yourself and those you lead. Simultaneously handling overlapping crises (potentially both in and out of work) that unfold at top speed for yourself and others is hard.

Understanding how to achieve this for yourself is vital. Knowing how to support others through the same transition is a key skill that will rapidly come to define future leaders.

The conditions for accelerated change like this have been building for years. Rapid changes in technology, increases in automation, the digitisation of the workplace that came about with home working and the combined effects of all these happening at once have impacted our world to the point where change is much more rapid, continual, and pervasive.

Against this backdrop, the global pandemic in 2020 and the knock on effects caused by that gave us a new normal for change with three consistent dimensions:

Change is constantly happening
Change is everywhere
Change is constantly accelerating

These three dimensions of change will define our future and, as a result, the ability to lead effectively within this type of environment. To bring others along at pace is now a core requirement for success.

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Join my Six Week Programme


£1,950 + VAT per person

For up to 5 people on a single booking and then on a sliding scale with numbers from there on. Click Join Now to book 30 min in my diary to discuss the programme and how it could help you.