The Changing Face of HR in the Digital World

Every business, from retail to leisure to professional services, has an increasing reliance on digital technology and expertise. Ecommerce is a growing component of every organisation’s strategy and generated more than £130 billion of revenue for UK businesses in 2016, a figure that will continue to rise in the years to come. What does this […]

How can executive coaching help in changing times?

we’re in changing times and the modern business environment is more complex, diverse and competitive than it has ever been. Thanks largely to technological advances over the past couple of decades, it is also changing at a more rapid rate than anything we have ever seen before. Little wonder that many commentators, from Forbes Magazine […]

Building Blocks for Ethical Corporate Culture

Creating and sustaining an ethical corporate culture in which employees are happy, motivated and following their principles is fundamental for long term success, yet it remains something of a holy grail among business leaders. This is not least because there are so many diverse inputs that affect each of these three measures, leading to a […]

Egos and collaboration: Building Effective Teams, Part Three

Last time, we concluded with the core finding from the Haas Business School study: power can be beneficial for individual performances but can sabotage team performances. That’s quite a paradox for leaders, who want their teams to be as effective as possible as collective entities but not at the expense of undermining the individual creativity […]

Collaboration at work

Everyone understands that collaboration at work is a good thing for an effective business, which is one reason why (according to HBR) collaborative practices in business have risen by over 50% in the past two decades. This is also because we live and work in an increasingly connected world. The virtual office now spans the […]

Slow down; you have nothing to lose but your stress

Late last year, a survey from global executive recruitment firm Odgers-Berndtson brought into public focus the disturbingly relentless and intense levels of stress to which C-suite managers working for FTSE 350 companies were routinely subjected. Tellingly, the report was titled Lonely at the Top, and sadly, for those of us involved in executive coaching, it […]

Command and control to complexity theory (Part 2)

In the aftermath of the 9/11 atrocity, once it became clear that the perpetrators were using hijacked aeroplanes to attack buildings, it became a matter of national security to have every plane in US airspace land at the nearest airport. However, no procedure or process existed to permit this to happen. Researchers, eager to devise […]

Effective relationships build success in the future

It is hardly a secret that effective relationships are any business’s greatest asset. Few would dispute this proposition, yet just as few act upon it. In too many cases, the business environment either fails to encourage the relationships that will help the company grow, or it is actively toxic towards them, destroying trust, increasing risk […]

What’s at the heart of effective facilitation?

Effective facilitation isn’t simply a matter of getting people together in a room. The facilitator needs to demonstrate some core competencies – subtly, but authentically. Participants should feel the presence of these competencies even if they aren’t fully aware of them. Here are some that I consider indispensable. Empathy: the empathic facilitator starts not simply […]

Characteristics of positive workplaces

Research by business leadership expert Kim Cameron and psychologist Emma Seppälä identifies six essential characteristics of positive workplaces. Such workplaces: Eschew blame and rapidly forgive mistakes. Care for, remain interested in and sustain responsibility for colleagues as friends. Provide mutual support, including compassion and kindness when others are struggling. Emphasise the meaningfulness of the work. […]