Using experimentalism in effective facilitation

One of the characteristics of complex organisations is that they rely on different forms of expertise to function. However, problems arise when the experts are siloed in their own teams or departments, perhaps exchanging a few friendly words with colleagues from other specialist fields at lunchtime. Experts from different disciplines speak different technical languages to […]

Why difference ranks with diversity in organisations

Diversity in organisations needs to include intra-personal difference and a tolerance for constructive conflict. If an organisation’s future depends on its leadership pipeline and its staff’s talents, the right lenses for spotting potential really have to be in place. Last time, I suggested that diversity in organisations that didn’t force people to become clones of corporate identity […]

Why difference eclipses diversity (Part One)

Conventional wisdom holds that truly agile, adaptive organisations encourage diversity amongst their talent pools. While efforts to reflect a wide range of diversity demographics in an organisation’s profile are essential (e.g., gender, age, ethnicity, religious conviction, sexual orientation, culture), it is also important to consider another facet of diversity for genuine organisational evolution and innovation. […]