Using experimentalism in effective facilitation

One of the characteristics of complex organisations is that they rely on different forms of expertise to function. However, problems arise when the experts are siloed in their own teams or departments, perhaps exchanging a few friendly words with colleagues from other specialist fields at lunchtime. Experts from different disciplines speak different technical languages to […]

From ego to eco: a new approach to boosting employee engagement

A recent article by Ashridge Business School researcher Patricia Hind opens with this discomforting observation: “Surveys consistently report that work is more often dread and drudgery rather than passion and purpose. Research shows that only 13 per cent of employees worldwide are engaged at work, productivity is at an all-time low and stress levels among […]

Life at the Dog Track – sharing purpose or infighting?

Top dogs and under dogs fighting for control. Sounds a bit like the intro to a Tarrentino movie but it’s actually a comment on our psyche. Gestaltists, Freudians, Kleinians: almost doesn’t matter what school of psychology or psychotherapy you come from, agree with or study all of them highlight an essential split in our natures. […]

Indifferent disruption

When we work with change we work with possibility and polarity. Creatively moving from one position to another depends on an ability to manage chaos and order as polarities. From any position any other that can be conceived can be reached and it’s the introduction of and tolerance for chaotic elements into an ordered position […]