Creating an engaged workforce

Before we look at ways to create an engaged workforce, last week we talked about the importance of employee engagement, including what the phrase means and some of the tangible advantages it can bring to any organisation. Here, we will go through a practical eight-stage process that will help towards making that engaged workforce a […]

Employee engagement — why does it matter?

If ever there was a buzzword for the 21st century, it has to be engagement. You see it everywhere, from SEO experts telling you to create engaging content for your website to customer relationship experts advising on the importance of engaging your clients. The phrase “employee engagement” is one that is often thrown around too, […]

Building trust in leaders

It’s a demonstrable fact, now repeated in study after study, that organisations that focus on building trust in leaders perform better across a raft of indicators, from employee engagement, to knowledge-sharing, to innovation, and even to the bottom line itself: profitability. Trust can no longer be neglected. It’s a core component of an organisation’s success: any Organisation […]