Team building across the miles

The phrase team building has a warm, inclusive feel about it. It conjures up images of victorious World Cup winners or athletes celebrating a record haul of gold medals at the Olympics. The archetypal pictures of hijinks in the locker room and sports stars carrying each other on their shoulders spring to mind. Consciously or […]

Egos and collaboration: Building Effective Teams, Part Two

The Hass Business School study I referred to last time ingeniously studied the relationships between high-powered individuals and team cohesion, creativity and collaboration. And in each of these areas, findings were pretty unambiguous: teams composed of high-powered individuals performed significantly worse than low-powered to neutral-powered teams. Hass researchers cultivated a sense of power amongst some […]

Egos and collaboration: Building Effective Teams, Part One

What’s the relationship between high-powered individuals and building effective teams? New research from the Haas School of Business at the University of California suggests that it’s more intricate than many people might assume. To explore the issue, let me take you back to June 2012, when Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy created quite a […]