Building and fostering employee trust

We all know that trust is an essential component in any relationship. This is a given in a domestic environment — the thought of not being able to trust your spouse or partner is a truly awful proposition and is likely to spell the end of the relationship, while any acquaintance you cannot trust can […]

Team building and sustaining trust in times of change

There is widespread agreement that the art of building effective teams involves being clear about collective and individual objectives. What happens to sustaining and building effective teams in times of anxiety-inducing change when mergers, new roles, new processes and redundancies are in the air? According to Roffey Park leadership consultant Catherine Shepherd, one thing emerges […]

Building trust in leaders

It’s a demonstrable fact, now repeated in study after study, that organisations that focus on building trust in leaders perform better across a raft of indicators, from employee engagement, to knowledge-sharing, to innovation, and even to the bottom line itself: profitability. Trust can no longer be neglected. It’s a core component of an organisation’s success: any Organisation […]

Building trust in organisations

Engagement strategies remain important for improving profitability; but engagement without building trust is an empty shell. High profile public scandals over the last few years – phone hacking by journalists, reckless actions by banks and misbehaviour by individual politicians and media stars – have combined to dent public perceptions of trustworthiness in these institutions and […]