Creating an engaged workforce

Before we look at ways to create an engaged workforce, last week we talked about the importance of employee engagement, including what the phrase means and some of the tangible advantages it can bring to any organisation. Here, we will go through a practical eight-stage process that will help towards making that engaged workforce a […]

Three tips for improving office morale

Every manager knows that morale is key to a successful business. After all, happy, engaged people who enjoy their jobs and get on well with their colleagues put in that extra ten per cent, meaning a better quality of output and higher productivity. There are indirect benefits too, not least that reduced staff turnover makes […]

Workplace productivity and awareness: Part Two

In Part One of this series, I concluded with the apparently baffling observation that while individual employee productivity and awareness may be excellent, it simply doesn’t automatically translate at the organisational level, which can in reality be zero or even negative despite the valiant efforts of engaged, loyal and motivated employees. To explain how, I’m […]

Workplace productivity and the need for awareness: Part One

If somebody asked you for a one-sentence definition of workplace productivity, there is a good chance you would probably reply that productivity is the quantity of value produced divided by the time or cost needed to do so. It’s a serviceable enough definition, but there are good reasons for augmenting it with a twin-level approach […]