Difficult conversations: the good news (Part One)

As far as difficult conversations go, workplace-related ones appear to be in a league of their own. Research by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), for example, revealed that British workers find it harder to ask a manager for a pay rise than to dump a partner. The CMI’s study of 2,000 UK workers found that […]

Difficult conversations and emotional intelligence, Part Three

If you want to properly assess the appropriate ways to deal with conflict, it is best to consider examples as well as mere theory. Aesthetics are vital for learning and visualisation through past examples of a situation being resolved is a useful asset to have when thinking about difficult conversations and emotional intelligence. Many successful […]

Difficult conversations and emotional intelligence, Part Two

If you try to cross the bridge without moving the obstacles out of the way and press ahead anyway, there is a greater chance of falling. Being unwilling to deal with conflict and failing to engage in difficult conversations is the quickest route to failure. There are obvious reasons for not wanting to be involved […]