From ego to eco: a new approach to boosting employee engagement

A recent article by Ashridge Business School researcher Patricia Hind opens with this discomforting observation: “Surveys consistently report that work is more often dread and drudgery rather than passion and purpose. Research shows that only 13 per cent of employees worldwide are engaged at work, productivity is at an all-time low and stress levels among […]

Appreciative Inquiry and Cooperrider’s Three Circles of Strength, Part Two

Last time, we began our tour of David Cooperrider’s “Three Circles of Strength” framework: if Circle 1 involves elevating strengths, Circle 2 progresses to multiplying them into – in Cooperrider’s words – “macro combinations and configurations.” Let’s look at an example cited by Professor Cooperrider: a $4 billion trucking company had unwittingly starved itself and […]

Work and Play

When we’re young we learn through play. We experiment, sometimes with unfortunate results, but through experiencing the thing that we are trying to learn we grow. And we each do this in our individual way. As we get older the way we are taught to learn changes us. In school we sit in classes with […]